I Think I’ve Cracked It.

Dare i hope that it will work this time? What did I do wrong before? “This is a test. Testing 123.” (My deepest and graveliest typing voice).

3 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Cracked It.”

  1. Full disclosure: Wirepeach is the site username for Problemchildbride or “Sami” as some people know her. I, in fact, took the very sad step of commenting on my own blog. The silence was deafening out there and I thought perhaps the comments bit didn’t work. But it did and it was just that nobody left me a comment. Now I’ve told my friends and select family though, I’m feeling a bit like chickening out, so it may be in fact no bad thing if this blog goes the same way as a lifetime of unfinished scarves. God, what am I doing?

  2. I’m glad you continued…does your alter ego still comment from time to time on your thoughts? I haven’t read enough to have come across Ms Wirepeach again.
    I’m assuming that comments made don’t appear in the present time moment inbox but goes to the end of past then time thoughts…so, will you every read this…I will continue to comment from time to time. (as a time lord…isn’t that Dr Who?) Anywho, I’ll drop down into a past temporal plain now and then and perhaps form random thoughts to tag on to your thoughts. I hope that’s ok?
    The past few yrs living in ojai I could have used a alter ego to converse with…as you put it so aptly, “the silence was deafening”. But now that I have Nancy, John, you, (Daves a bit quiet) and many others I’m considering a new vocation and think I should join a clostered order (Nuns…young/pretty/sweet) with a vow of silence.
    These scarves of yours will fill a warehouse to the brim! You need to show them at Milan…or Paris…or New York- they will be the rage, everyone will want one. (being a time lord I know this to be true!)

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