Problemchildbride’s Dream Jobs

1) Window Washer at NASA.

2)Charley Rose’s research assistant. Or that of Terri Gross but not of Terry Wogan.

3) Head of Heavy Entertainment at the BBC. Light Entertainment is for wimps.

4) Captain of a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry in Scotland (for a day)

Dreee-ee-ee-ee-eam! Dream, dream, dream, la la la la

3 thoughts on “Problemchildbride’s Dream Jobs”

  1. Yes, Dream Jobs…..creme egg tester, hot-air balloon pilot, bed & sofa tester, PA to Alan Rickman, Glenmorangie & Laphroig tester, Being God for a day (get rid of world debt, poverty, George Bush, the usual stuff), etc. Ah, lovely. This blogging lark is quite addictive. I had no idea about it really. Had heard the B word but was ignorant of the whole Blogworld which I have now entered, unwarned and unarmed. All your fault, Sami. But ta too! xx

  2. The blogosphere can indeed be a dangerous place. Wonderers through it would be well advised to read softly and carry a big stick. There are all sorts out there blogging politics, their hobbies, poetry, arty things and anything you can think of. It’s a lot of fun to go snooping. I really like dooce, and Johnny B’s Private Secret Diary which is from Norfolk. Great fun.

  3. Yep, had a wee peek at the Norfolk one and will probably have another sneaky wee looky later. It’s great – like getting the green light from someone to go snooping through their things.

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