The Button That Turned

Success! Of a sort.

I got my technorati button installed finally but, as you can see, it too is thumbing its button-nose at me and has aligned up with Button Scotblog, in such a way that clearly tells me “We won’t conform to your sidebar rules. We won’t play your game! “The Rules” (pah!) are being re-written and a button revolution has started . Soon you will know the confusion and despair you thought only existed in your nightmares . Buttons of this blog, unite!”

So, there they sit and here I sit and we’re growling at each other. I think I fear them more than they fear me, but I can’t let them know it. I have to win the psychological battle. Only then will I stand a chance.

I’m thinking of lurking around the high school to try and find some cheap, uber-teckie labor, but there may be laws against this sort of thing. It could very well end in the headline “Wild-Haired Housewife In Schoolboy Stalking Shame: Husband Dismayed But Not Surprised.” Or something involving plastic-only utensils and smocks that flap open at the back.

2 thoughts on “The Button That Turned”

  1. There, was a moment yesterday when, yes, indeed, I did find myself walking the walls up. Thanks for visiting and posting!

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