The Unbearable Whiteness of Peeing and Yogurt Pots

I was looking through my Favorites list a wee minute ago. One of my links, I think, speaks volumes about mothering in the trenches. It is called “Yogurt Cup Fun Activities” and I have it marked as a favorite!

Actually, after the fun has been had with the yogurt pot,I could pour my liquefying brain into it and store away until science finds a way to help me. The moral, obviously, is Never Throw Anything Away! One person’s used yogurt pot is the vessel for another’s ability to function as a grown-up. Treat with care and don’t mistake for a Fruits of the Forest.

Jane has cloudy, white urine and I’m not sure what to do. We’ve been here before. Last time, having spent the better part of a morning trying to collect a sample (a farce with more pratfalls than a Benny Hill sketch – if a custard-pie had entered the scene at any point it wouldn’t have surprised a anyone present), I finally got the precious golden liquid to the lab. But wait a minute! Golden liquid? Golden liquid? What happened to the milky colloidal suspension that she’d been piddling for 2 whole days before?

To noone’s surprise, there was nothing wrong and, not for the first time, I was left looking like a batty, neurotic, hypochondriac mother, easily remembered ‘cos of my silly accent.

This time, it’s on and off cloudy. I have tried to cross-reference it with Kate’s to rule out any benign dietary factors but when I start peering at Kate’s I see cloudiness there too, that nobody else can see. I now doubt my eyesight. And Dave has raised the certainly valid point that peering into the toilet bowl trying to divine something from the swirling mists is not the most scientific way to diagnose an illness, especially when the urine peered at belongs to a child who is yelling for more peanut butter sandwiches in a way that brings to mind the words: hale, hearty.

I know the method may be unscientific, but science is all about observing and tracking changes, isn’t it? And besides, two years ago I would have had to be talked out of a car pointing towards Urgent Care (“step away from the steering wheel ma’am”). I’m much healthier now and will probably only surf 3 or 4 alarming health websites for what probably won’t amount to much more than a couple of hours.

But still. And yet. The color of one’s effluvia must mean something. Today, all day, was cloudy with no clearing. Tomorrow, I’m hoping for sunny yellow. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “The Unbearable Whiteness of Peeing and Yogurt Pots”

  1. I know – the mighty importance and continuing usefulness of yogurt pots should never be underestimated! It gives me at least another 10 mins of uninterrupted-by-screams-of-post-feeding-boredom blissful silence (relatively speaking) so I can ‘get on with things’ without resorting to the ‘oh ok, here’s another packet of raisins to rot your teeth with’ technique. What goes through her mind whilst she turns that little empty but still yogurt-smeared pot in her hands for those ten lovely minutes is anyone’s guess. Still in Nappyland here so haven’t yet entered the world of staring into the misty toilet bowl just yet.

  2. Make friends with the toilet bowl now! You will be spending many hours there in the coming years. Stay in Nappyland as long as the authorities will allow it. Love, Sami

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