23 thoughts on “He Did It!”

  1. Yes, you have seen a shift, the political church has widened. Now all that has to happen is the centreline to stay where it is, and not drift to the left, thereby pushing some on the left into the arms of the right.
    I’m worried.

  2. Sam..it’s 2am here and there are thousands of people on the streets..The White House is surrounded and it’s the most amazing atmosphere I’ve ever experienced….The sheer joy on people’s faces is like nothing I’ve every experienced.

    We did Sam….WE ONLY FUCKING WENT AND DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fabbby, fantastically fab! Stayed up to watch the exit polls and see his speech. He’s been given the mandate, I hope he gets quality people around him.

  4. it was all because of you, sugar!!!!! xoxoxox PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!

    seriously, i can’t think of a better first time voting experience that this one for you! we will all remember last night for the rest of our lives!

  5. The scenes from round the whole world today are incredible. This man lives the Founding Fathers principles and ideas and he has intoxicated so many people with the idea of work and sacrifice towards a common good again. Living History whose hand on the moment we all felt last night! Unforgettable! Now of course, the hard work begins but I strongly believe no other caost urgent stuff done despite all the things that divide us. I think to that end he will govern from the centre rather than the left. That’s what I’d like to see, anyway. Go President Obama!


  6. The whole night was brilliant, Sam. I had expected it to drag out into the wee hours and then all of a sudden the old man was bowing out.

  7. I’m happy for you. BTW you used a phrase ‘ just like it ever was ‘ and it’s ringing in my ears. From whence did it come?

  8. I just heard that apparently Sarah Palin thought that Africa was a country, not a continent. Sweet Jesus, here’s hoping she gets eaten by a polar bear before 2012.

  9. YAY! It was so great being in DC with a brand new citizen. Truly moving wasn’t it? And now this?!?!?! Amazing! So glad to have shared this with you, our new friend and citizen!

  10. YAAAAY! You really did it, Sam, and good for you!

    The whole world let out a collective sigh — believe me! You should have seen the reaction here — high fives and grins and head-shakings all over the place. I watched the news the next day on widescreen t.v. and cried myself silly — it was just beautiful.

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