Cindy Woods is my friend.  She is a remarkable woman and a gifted artist.  Beloved Cindy is in hospice care, her battle with cancer lost.  Knowing her has been a revelation, a surprise, a delight and an education.  Her unwavering gaze at the difficult things of life and her incredible line-drawings and sketches have made an enormous impression on me.  She is a sweet, brave, amazing woman whose life is drawn out on her blog and on her Flickr site.  I cannot recommend a visit to her site enough.  She has touched me profoundly and I feel strongly that her’s is a talent and a spirit that needs to be broadcast far and wide.  If you follow these links you will see what I mean.

28 thoughts on “Cindy”

  1. I love the drawing she did of Ronda which seems to be done with love. So sorry Sam you have lost a friend. May she rest in peace.

  2. I, too, am sorry you’ve lost a friend, Sam, and a most valued one. The last person I lost to “The Bitch”, (that would be cancer), was my brother, who had so much to offer, but bore it all with such equanimity and grace, that I became permanently humbled.
    But, for you to call what you write ‘idiot stories’ is not fair at all to yourself, or those who enjoy reading your brainfarts. You really are a gifted story teller.
    So, mourn, as you must. Feed your brain some beans for future use.
    And Happy Thanksgiving, to you and yours.

  3. I visited Cindy’s blog too, Sam, and yes, she was a fine artist. I liked the pictures of her family and the nurses who helped her — and how she obviously got to know the people who cared for her and was interested in their lives. It is so heartbreaking to lose a good, useful, talented friend.

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