Transferring domains

Back soon!

It’s involved and time-consuming and frustrating and execrable and headacheable.   I’m in stage 3/4 of the process but now I’m stuck again.  If the site goes off that’ll be why.  Waily waily!  I’m hoping just dogged determination and a bit of teacup smashing will be all there is to it, but I fear I might need an IT meerkle, peeps! (like a miracle, but more freckled and Midwestern).

Wish me luck as the cabin door breaches on problemchildbride and I am sucked into the outer ether to float eerily forever, like one of these motes you get in your eye when you’re in your 30s, that never, ever go away. Nobody hears the plaintive cries of these motes either.

23 thoughts on “Transferring domains”

  1. Sigh…I thought we already had that physics discussion when we watched Goldfinger.

    Oh.wait……..I was bladdered.

    Don’t mind Scotty at the panel.There’d be too much Caledonian in the plasma intermix.O’Brien is your only man.If he’s not around let me know.I have one flight left.

  2. Teacups, Eh. Teacups my eye. Mugs are your man, and the big bell shaped coffee ones are best of all. None of the short soprano of the teacup. The deeply satisfying baritone gives a lung cleansing Ahhhhh.

  3. You need Wedgwood, you know the stuff that looks like compressed fag ash, I always think it looks eminently smashable. Now they’ve gone out of business you might be able to get a job lot.

  4. Sam – you wouldn’t believe the probs I have had this last week and was on the verge of walking away for ever. And it doesn’t help to suspect that it was partly my fault. So fingers crossed – hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone – stuff! Miss you!

  5. OI!! You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t…other stuff. I am lodging an objection. If I have to lodge a second one there will be trouble of some sort. Now I can’t say what kind of trouble, but there will DEFFINITELY be ginger involved.

  6. It can get awfully quiet and lonely out here in the space between blogs, even if we are waiting as a crowd. Your concept of soon is much the same as my own. Stay well, wherever you be; we’ll keep.

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