Coddle Pot!

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Fantastic new blog launched by four of the Irish blogosphere’s most talented and delightful smashers.  Every last one of them a snorting good read.  Stir the pot and see what fascinatin’, funny-lookin’ (often tentacled) things bob up for your nourishment.  These things will be technically unclassifiable but every gobful will make your eyebrows shoot off your head and ping back onto your face, as if on elastics.  Dat’s darn good eatin’, dat is. 

Abob in this pot there are: vegetables torn from the dark, sunless soils of the mind; there will be forks and green smoke and heaped tablespoons of joy; there will be prickle of hedgehog and chortle of child (or maybe that’s a choking sound…?); there will be snarfs and sagacity, soft sighs and boogersome sniggers; and a bit of rage will be boiling at all times in one continually moving spot of the pot; there will be meat of unidentifiable origin and not all of it will be fully dead; but most of all there will be coddle which is a kind of Celtic sputum consisting of bile, tears, spittle and sunshine.  Bet you thought I was going to say gism there instead of sunshine, didn’t you?  That will depend mostly on…well, I’ll not name names.  Anyway, you’ll be fed a most unique and unforgettable stew-like stuff or, to put it more accurately, a stuff-like stew, and you will not be sorry you supped.  Here’s Coddle Pot!  

PS: Still on hiatus for a bitty longer.  Back soonly.

7 thoughts on “Coddle Pot!”

  1. the coddle crew thank you for your linky………in fact we are overcome with emotion…….a big steaming bowl of coddle will be set aside with your name on it…….


  2. I’m glad you’re still around and not hanging up the towel, yet.

    Swing by “Honey’s” and say, “Hello.” She’s back with good news and bad. She deserves our thoughts and prayers at the moment.

    Sorry to be downer.

    Cheers, dear.

  3. I’ve just seen this.

    My dear Sammy, I am overcome. I shall print your “load of old coddlers” and carry it around with me as one of those new-fangled ID cards. I think you’ll all agree that it’s more than sufficient.

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