Eastward Bound And Gagged.

Well, I didn’t think I’d be seeing Stornoway again quite so soon but today I find it’s so.  Flying out tomorrow, back next week.  Then off to Bulgaria for my dad’s wedding.  So, it appears that I have falsely alarmed you about my coming back to live La Blogge Vita.  I really thought I was.  Bit busier than I used to be but I was slowly catching up with everyone and thoroughly enjoying myself.  But life is exceedingly lifey right now, so I’m orf for another few weeks.  Take care, kids.  Love yoosall. I do.

10 thoughts on “Eastward Bound And Gagged.”

  1. Ohhhh. Come back do. And tell us some more stories and so on and so forth…

    It’s been lonely here without you.


  2. Spritey, what ho! I shall be harrassing every Bulgarian I meet to tell me dark stories of olden times in their land. Then I’ll tell them to you.

    Savannah, alas, it’s not really a fantastic time kind of a trip but I’ll be trying my very, very hardest, don’t you worry. If a moment of jollity comes within view, I shall grab it with both hands, throttle the joy right out of it, and carry that squealing joy aloft in triumph all through the streets of Stornoway!

    Conan, me too! It would be a real drang to get sturm bound.

  3. yes safe travels and all that….in other news we had our Ullapool friends over last week….good times…..sore heads but good times….

  4. Bulgaria? I didn’t know that was still a country anymore. Thought it had become just another suburb of Athens. I actually met some Bulgarian musicians playing at the Florian Cafe in Venice once. Paid forty drachmas for an illicit cassette tape of their music. Got home and tried to play it, only to discover it was bird calls recorded in subway bathroom.

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