Abthinthe Maketh The Heart Grow Fonder

Going down to Nawlins

Gonna have myself a time

Going down to Nawlins

Gonna meet some freeyunds o’ mine.

For Britishers, Nawlins is New Orleans. The Tennessee Williams/Southern Lit Festival is on there this week. Absinthe and good books. I might never return.

(With apologies to Twenty Major for ripping off the title of his latest book. The lisp, however, is all my own work)

79 thoughts on “Abthinthe Maketh The Heart Grow Fonder”

  1. if y’all are there on sunday, make reservations asap for the jazz brunch at the commander’s palace! trust me on this one key thing, sugar! i.am.so.jealous. xoxoxox

  2. For Britishers, Nawlins is New Orleans. I knew that!!!!!
    Shun the absinthe – it’s as lethal as Pernod – it not more so.

  3. Ah, absinthe as well as gin in your handbag. What a wonderful person you are, and I’d be honoured if you were willing to accept a position as Queen Mother.

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