In Loving Memory of Gary Ellingsworth, 1923-2010

Gary’s Hat

His hat had seen some living

And it was his for that

Its straw had taken hits and storms

And it was Gary’s hat.


Its own peculiar story

belonged to it alone

Its beaten frame most eloquent

of the long life it had known


And in that hat so humble

There lived a mind as rare

The vast and storied landscape of

A country warm and fair


It wasn’t much to look at

Plain worn out at the end

It was all in how he wore his hat

Our dear old missing friend


Misshapen, lumpen, beat-up thing

And beautiful for that

Only one man could have owned it

And it was Gary’s hat.

Gary Ellingsworth

I miss you, dear friend. x

83 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Gary Ellingsworth, 1923-2010”

  1. Thanks, peeps. It’s not very good – no, it’s not – but it was meant as a kind of wee cathartic hook for all those who loved Gary to hang their hats on if they wanted to. It’s not a worthy remembrance, nor close, and it was written too quickly to be, in any case, but it suited the occasion of his friends gathering to remember him. I loved him and find myself sorely wishing I could talk to him again about all sorts of things.

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